Who’s up for a game of Paintball?

Who’s up for a game of Paintball?

We have some great news for this year’s Stag and Hen groups!!

We have added paintball as one of our Premier activities. Survival Paintball is based just outside of Great Torrington and have been operating since 1988 so we an safely say your in good hands.

The site has 20 acres of woodland and a wealth of games, scenarios and challenges up their sleeve. So you can expect to have an action packed adventure 🌲🌳

They have 8 woodland playing areas which feature an Aztec temple and village complex, churches, bridges, trenches, barricades, war pill boxes, towers, a missile complex and a satellite station.
The site provides all the health and safety gear needed which includes full face googles and fatigues. There is also a practice firing range so that you can practices before the games begin. You will use a semi-automatic inferno paintball gun on air and some paintballs will be included within your package with more being available to purchase on the day. If you want to be a serious contender, then you are also able to purchase smoke bombs and grenades to really add to the experience.
An activity session which will use all your cunning, skill and determination to ensure that you part of the winning team. 🥇

If you haven’t played before there are a few things to remember –

1) Always keep your mask on, do not remove it until it has been confirmed by a site Marshall that it is safe to do so.
2) Don’t give away your position. 🤐
3) Dont lose sight of your opponent. 👀
4) Finding a sniper position is always a great idea.
5) If you are trying to hide, ensure that you don’t expose yourself – a hint of arm or a boot sticking out may be all that it takes to get you shot.
6) Communicate with your team but be cunning and don’t give your location away to any opponents.
7) Most importantly – have fun! – don’t be afraid of getting hit. You will get hit, and it may sting and leave a small mark, but these will be the things you can show off later in the evening when comparing wounds! 😜

If you have any questions or would like further information on Paintball or any of our packages please call 01237 880028 or click on the button below to contact us.

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