When shouldn’t you have a stag or hen do?

When shouldn’t you have a stag or hen do?

When shouldn’t you have a stag or hen do?

We know! it sounds like the beginning of a joke but when shouldn’t you have a stag or hen do……

Our answer is —— Never, of course!

It doesn’t matter if someone is getting married for the first time or the sixth time. It doesn’t matter on their age or who they are marrying. A stag or hen do is a way to celebrate the forthcoming nuptials and the other stuff shouldn’t matter. If they want to get their family and friends together to have a pre-celebration and have fun together, then a Stag or Hen Do is the perfect excuse.

It maybe that the Stag or Hen do will take a different format. Perhaps they may not do the full-blown overseas trip which involves visiting every nightclub or pub in a 50-mile radius but it doesn’t mean that it can’t be a fun filled enjoyable event that gives lasting memories of a special weekend before their big day.

But i dont know what to do !?!

As you are probably aware, looking on the internet there are many different types of Stag and Hen do’s out there to suit all budgets and tastes. Selecting the correct one to suit the group can be difficult. but take the time to make the right choice and it can be one of the best occasions (barring the big day of course) that a Bride or Groom will get to spend with their family and friends.

Life is too short to worry about what other people may think! it is important to make the most of every occasion to celebrate with those you love and take the opportunity to get them all together to thank them for their help, advice and support in finding your way through life’s journey or just seeing you safely to the next pub!

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