What is a “Sten” or “Hag” Do?

What is a “Sten” or “Hag” Do?

Fancy having a Sten/Hag Do?

Over the last few years we have seen the popularity for STEN/HAG Do’s grow and we love the fact that both groups want to enjoy their ‘last night or weekend of freedom’ together.

What is a Sten/Hag Do?

This is where both sides of the wedding party have joint celebrations or where both males and females are invited to a Stag or Hen party so that they are not solely single sexed gatherings. They are a great idea for Brides and Grooms that have a mixed friendship group or who want to be able to celebrate together.

Why are they popular?

We think that one benefit is that it can create lasting joint memories that can be shared by both sides instead of on-sided talks of either a Stag Do or Hen Do being discussed and one party always feeling left out. It also brings two friendship groups together before the ‘Big Day,’ which means that guests get to know each other beforehand and have a shared experience to talk about whilst attending the wedding. This makes attending the wedding for guests, far less daunting and more enjoyable. It may also be that the friendship group is made up of mixed couples and so the option of a weekend away together appeals more than having to spend money on two separate weekends.

Can I book a Sten/Hag with the Ultimate Stag and Hens? 

We look to create the perfect balance between joint and separate Stag and Hen time, whether the group want to share the same activity experiences or wants to split off during the day to participate in different activity options, meeting up again in the evening. It could be that they want mixed accommodation if the group is made up of several couples or separate accommodation may be the order of the day to allow time for the Lads and Ladies to have group catch up time.

Many of our STENs seem to spend the Friday night together so with our new packages they can enjoy the BBQ and Beer/Gin tent together and then split off for the Saturday night for some off-site action which usually involves a meal, drinks and a dance off to see who can do the best version of the funky chicken, the lawnmower or big box little box.

If you would like to talk to us about booking up and STEN or HAG Party then please get in touch, we’d be pleased to help!

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