Your Perfect Stag Weekend

Made to measure!

In A Nutshelll...

A bespoke 2-day, all-in weekend of fun, booze and adventure next to the North Devon coast.

The Ultimate Stag Weekend

The Ultimate Stag Weekender has been built from the ground up for YOU.

Our goal is to make the whole process hassle-free for you. We’ve curated the best things to do and the best places to eat, and we’ve coupled that with our awesome accommodation options at the Ultimate Adventure Centre, North Devon.

The result? A bespoke Stag Weekend, at a cost-effective price, all arranged for you.

The Process

All you have to do is select the package you would like, and the activities you’d like to do. We’ll sort the rest – easy! Scroll down to see your options…

What Are The Steps?

Step 1 - Choose Your Ultimate Activities
Step 1 - Choose Your Ultimate Activities
We offer a range to suit everyone, on and off-site.
Step 2 - Choose Your Accommodation
Step 2 - Choose Your Accommodation
We have multiple options, from dorm-style to luxury yurts!
Step 3 - Choose The Crucial Extras
Step 3 - Choose The Crucial Extras
So your activities cover the days, but what about the evenings?

See what catches your eye in the sections below,
then jump over to the Pricing & Packages page to make your selection!

Step 1 - Choose Your Activities

The ultimate experiences, curated just for you.

Available Activities

Pick from our full range of activities. How many are included depends on which package you choose…
Check out what’s included in our packages!

Pricing & Packages

What People Say

Step 2 - Choose Your Accomodation

Adventure Barns

Adventure Barns
En-suite, dormitory style accommodation. Rooms sleep 7-12 people and are located in brand-new purpose-built barns.

Atlantic Lodges

Atlantic Lodges
Ever-popular, our Atlantic Lodges offer hand-built bunks and a great ‘glamping’ experience. Shower block facilities.

Luxury Yurts

Luxury Yurts
The newest addition to our site. Our set of luxury yurts can really add a touch of class to your Stag Do experience!
Made your pick? Select a package to see what’s included!

Pricing & Packages

Ready To Take The First Step?

Step 3 - All The Extra-Special Touches

The Little Things That Make All The Difference

All The Extras

From organising a VIP booth at the club, to booking you a taxi, to sorting you a table at the best restaurant in town – we’ve got you covered.

It's As Easy As 1, 2, 3!

We do the rest! Just drop us an inquiry, let us know what you’re interested in and we make it happen.

A whole weekend of memorable fun, without all the hassle 🙂

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