Surfing at Westward Ho!
Brave our British coastline and wash away those cobwebs with a 2 hour surfing lesson at one of the UK's most renowned beaches.
Paddling, Pop-Ups and Pumping Waves
Learn the basics from your position on the board when you're paddling & how to best execute the all important 'pop-up'.
Over 2 Hours of Fun for All Abilities
For those 'shaka-bros' and 'legit dudettes' in the group who already have a couple of lessons under their neoprene belts, we've got you covered too! Explore the green waves with guidance from our tutors on the beach.
Wetsuit and Boards Included
Our Most Popular Activity
Impress Beach Babes (*Babes not incl.)
Expert Tuition
westward ho rocks

Get Amongst it

Expert, local surf coaches offering lessons to everyone from beginners to advanced surfers.

Sure Fire Enjoyment for Every Weekender

Walk like a Surfer, Talk like a Surfer

Surfing Lingo - Glossary

Getting excited about anything surf-related - how you'll feel in the run up to your Ultimate Stag or Ultimate Hen Do.
A veterans way to describe a beginner or someone who is not very good at surfing. Someone who surfs to try and look cool - who will this be in your group?
An endearing slang term for your fellow surfing friends, usually said alongside a 'Shaka' for ultimate 'dude' status.
In the Soup
The white water of the wave after the wave has broken. This is where we will start the beginners of the group with our expert tutors on hand!
By definition it describes 'dangerous conditions' in the water ... or you could use this term to describe a bad hangover!
Men In Grey Suits / Landlords
Sharks! Not that you need to worry about this one because a shark hasn't been sighted at Westward Ho! for a while. No sharks - we promise.