Get Involved
Let your inner commando out! Get involved. We want running, hiding and diving in your quest to win the game. There's no proven correlation between flamboyant moves on the field and winning... but we guarantee it makes it more fun.
Fun + Tactics
Position yourself tactically for a better view and enjoy the competitiveness of our Ultimate Laser Ops.
Smart Equipment
We use high quality equipment that will ensure that you have a fully engaging experience. With different equipment to chose from to fit your game style.
Strategy Game
Smart Equipment
Outdoor Fun
Unique Experience
experiencing the ultimate laser ops

Used by Royal Marine Commandos filming for Top Gear!

Jump straight into the action and strategise with your comrades

Can you handle our Ultimate Ops?

Want to know more?

What to Expect from Ultimate Laser Ops

Form Allegiances
Time to find out who your friends really are on the battlefield!
Team Work
Every man for himself or team work? *Some self-sacrifices may be required.
Work Out
Running around outside.. squatting, squeezing and contorting yourself into hiding spaces.
Outdoors Arena
Use trees, hedges, ditches to your advantage - get amongst it!
Be the Best
Who will be the last team standing? No special treatment for the bride or groom allowed!
Strategy, workout and teamwork here but don't be fooled... This is a truck load of fun to be had.
Here's just a few of the Ultimate activities we have on offer

What else do we have in store for you?



Scramble, climb and jump your way around North Devon’s coastline.
Gin & Beer Tasting

Gin & Beer Tasting

Sample from a whole range of gin or beers over the course of an afternoon.


Surf lessons at our local beach. All equipment and good times included.