Play Golf as a Relaxed Twist
For those looking for an alternative to our more adrenaline fueled activities. Take your time to stroll the stunning course and play the popular game.
All Abilities Welcomed
It doesn't matter whether you are seasoned professionals or just looking for hit a few from the golfing range - we can cater for both.
9 holes
A Game for Everyone
Stunning Location
Equipment Included
stag day golf activities

Play 9 holes in the heart of North Devon

A game of good manners and sportsmanship. *Caddies not included

All abilities welcomed

Want to know more?

A Few Phrases to Know Before You Go

A score of one less than par. Challenge the course as well as your mates.
Dance Floor
The universal slang term for the golfing green. "Let's hit the dancefloor!"
The Beach
The slang term for that sandy bunker that no doubt one of you will end up in.
A position reserved as a forfeit; they carry the clubs of the Stag/Hen around the course for the entire game.
That chunk of turf that is dislodged when the golf-club strikes the ground... instead of the ball.
Where you head after the final balls have been played for a well deserved drink. The round is on the person who lost the most balls.
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Yoga / Pilates

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