Jump In!
Ever thought about an adrenaline packed, extreme coasteering trip, with progressive jumps, sea caves, and turbulent swims that guarantee to get your heart racing?!
Stunning Scenery!
Enjoy the spectacular coastal scenery of North Devon whilst experiencing a high energy environment – where water, waves, rocks and gullies collide to form the Ultimate Coasteering challenge.
Climb, Jump, Swim!
Combining elements of bouldering or scrambling and adventure swimming, a coasteering trip in North Devon is the perfect way to see the dramatic coastline in a new light.
Progressive Jumps
Brave the Sea
Coastal Adventure
Perfect for Stag & Hen Groups

Feel The Power Of The Sea

Coasteering at Croyde is action-packed with stunning scenery.

Push yourself in a new environment!

Want to know more?

Here's what to expect from Extreme Coasteering

The North Devon Coast is challenging & rugged
Bouldering or scrambling and adventure swimming
Wet and wild - get ready for plenty of splashes
Great exercise - beats going to the gym!
Climbing rocks, jumping in and battling the swell
There's nothing better than watching your mate go A over T into water