Say hello to Frisbee golf

Say hello to Frisbee golf

Golf starting to grind your gears? want something a bit more exciting?…. Well have we got the game for you!

Introducing Frisbee golf…..

This family favorite is a great, low cost activity accessible by all ages and abilities, its golf with a twist! Evolution has once again worked its magic and created a super fun activity that can be enjoyed by all. Our brand new course was designed by Frisbee golf world champion ……….. and will be hosting the 2019 Frisbee golf world championships!!

Thats great but how do you play?..

Similar to golf, players complete a hole by throwing the disc from a tee area towards a target, throwing again from the landing position until the target is reached!

Our holes have been designed with families and serious players in mind, with holes ranging from 60m – 120m.


Try a new sport and join the growing Disc Golf community. Ultimate Disc Golf welcomes all players, with playing groups being a max of 5.


Like what you hear? Book today!….. Call us on 01237 880028

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