Guide to organizing a Stag or Hen do

Guide to organizing a Stag or Hen do

Ahh I’m in charge of organising a Stag/Hen Do!!

It really is an honour to be given the responsibility of organising a stag or hen do for a best friend, but this honour can soon turn into a headache once you start actually trying to do it.

We have been running stag and hen days and weekends for several years and we have lost count of the number of times that we have received a telephone call or email from a very stressed best man, head bridesmaid or sometimes even the bride or groom themselves trying to make the necessary arrangements for the second big occasion.

Why is it so stressful?

Anything that means trying to organise a group of people with different schedules is going to be difficult. Then add on top the different ideas for what people think constitute as a stag or hen party and also the different budgets everyone has, and you can quite quickly get bogged down into not being able to make a decision. Then also add in the different ages and types of people attending and the possibility that you can’t make everybody happy and the initial idea of organising the event being an honour goes out the window.

How to cut down on the stress?

Take a deep breath……

Dates and what to do are key decisions that need to be made. Discuss a few options with the Stag or Hen and maybe a couple key other members of the group do not open this discussion up to everyone who may attend as no one will be able to agree. After the type of event is chosen you will then need to contact a few suitable suppliers to discuss possible costs and availability as this will inform dates that can then be offered to the group. Run the dates by the stag or hen first and then offer say three of the dates to the group, usually majority rules. Also discuss the cost element, this can be difficult, especially when you are going away with people that will have different levels of disposable income.

It is usually important to try and book as far in advance as possible as this will allow your group first pick of accommodation and activities but don’t worry as this is not always possible.

Modern technology is fantastic so make use of it. Get the contact details of everyone interested in going and set-up a group message/event and create polls for the different dates. This is an easy way of keeping everyone up to date on details and can help build the excitement. Make sure any messages that you send that require a response have a deadline date and that the group know that if you have no response then they will not be included.

One key way to reduce time and stress is to go to a provider where you can arrange everything in one place. For example, at The Ultimate Stage and Hens  Centre we have accommodation, food and most of the activities on-site and it is all booked at the same time, so you will only ever have one company to contact and to keep informed of decisions or amendments. Let us take the stress out of organising the itinerary, your group will then just need to turn up for a relaxed, fun filled weekend of freedom.


What else to consider?

After booking the dates and the event itself, the next things to consider are:

  • Transportation – how is everyone getting there?
  • Have the group been informed of all the relevant information about the weekend?
  • Who is going be chief photographer? Photographic evidence is essential?
  • What is everyone dressing up as?
  • You will have responsibility for the Bride or Groom so perhaps reconsider those dares and pranks just slightly….

The final thing to consider/watch out for, is that once you have created a great weekend for everyone,  others will see how organised you are and will be asking you to sort their stag or hen do’s in the future…!

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