Nearby places to pig out

Nearby places to pig out

In the surrounding areas of the centre there are a great selection of restaurants offering a wide variety of foods, from typical pub grub to Indian cuisines. Below is a list of the most popular nearby places to keep your stomach happy.

The Thatched Inn

First on the list is The Thatched Inn, from site just a 10-minute walk or a 20-minute stumble when you’re drunk 😉 This traditional historic pub has been the heart of the local community for the past 400 years and is one of the oldest pubs in North Devon. Their Classic menu is a fine example of their historic values which caters for a range of demands with both vegetarian and vegan options available. Not just a large selection of foods but drink also. From local ales to internationally recognized beers this place has it all. Great food, great drinks and great service, what’s not to love right?

If this sound like your cup of tea or glass of wine 😉 then check out the link for more information:

The Pig on the Hill

Next on the list is the Pig on the Hill. Located just a 4-minute drive or a 30-minute walk, it’s one of the more remote places for fine dining but its beautiful surroundings more than make up for it. You’ll find a well-stocked bar, carrying local brews, fine wines and special spirits, as well as the usual favorites. Not just a large selection of refreshments but food choices too!!  From wholesome burgers and open sandwiches, to famous sharing boards off Devon steaks. Freshly caught fish and tasty vegetarian options too. Sounds great right? But that’s not all! With a complete refurbishment, the Pig on the Hill has won plaudits for its new look design so expect nothing less than luxury when you visit!!

If the Pig on the Hill sounds like your kind of thing, check out the link below to find out more:

Belluno Italian Restaurant

To finish off the list we have Bellunos. An Italian kitchen located just a 4-minute drive away from site or a 30-minute walk if you’re feeling super fit. A rather new restaurant in nearby town Bideford has proved extremely popular choice and is a hit with the locals.  An extremely large starter, mains and desert menu gives you endless options when building your Italian banquet. If you love the sound of that already, wait to you hear about the drink’s!! From liquors to brandy’s, from whiskeys to beers this place has it all. Even a selection of hot drinks for those who are saving it for the big night out.

If an Italian feast sounds up your street, then click the link below to find out more:

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