Dress Up the Weekend!

Dress Up the Weekend!

Take up the challenge!

Here at the Ultimate Adventure Centre we love a good bit of old-fashioned dressing up, but we have yet to find that one person who is the epitome of the best dressed Stag or Hen. A big tradition of the Stag or Hen do. We think it is a shame to let a good dressing up opportunity go to waste so are you the group we have been looking for!

Is your Stag or Hen the one person we are looking for. Not only will they provide great laughing material for your group over the weekend are they the type of person that would be up for a photo opportunity and to become famous?

We love being able to get pictures of real groups on our activities and so are looking for people booking in for the Stag and Hen weekends to be game for a laugh and let us take some pics for our media campaigns.

What would they dress up as we hear you ask?

Well here are a few ideas, but can you better them?

  • Customary dressing up as a woman for the Stag especially as brides
  • Superheroes
  • Hot dog
  • Where’s Wally
  • Cheerleaders
  • Morph suit
  • Stag suit – this was a leotard and antlers! Not a look many people can pull off.

We love it when people go all out and make the effort and as long as it doesn’t interfere with any safety gear anything goes.

We just ask one thing………… please no lime green mankini’s!!

If you are planning on coming to us for a Stag or Hen Do and want to ask about fancy dress and you’d like any more information. Hit the button below or give us a call on 01237 880028 – we’d love to help!

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