5 Common Mistakes not to make when planning your Stag or Hen Do

5 Common Mistakes not to make when planning your Stag or Hen Do

Where do we even start? Planning the ‘perfect’ weekend for your friend’s final ta-ra to single life can be an absolute minefield. Usually, you’ve got around 10+ people all looking to you to provide an organised, fun weekend that they will all enjoy – without it feeling like, well, “organised fun”. On top of that, you’re working with a budget to suit each and every penny in the individual bank account of attendees.

So, here’s our top 5 mistakes-not-to-make!

#1 Don’t forget who the weekend is all about.

It’s not about you. It’s not about the others. It’s about the person getting married; it’s their weekend! I once went on a Hen Do that was 2-day cruise to Amsterdam. Sounds great, right? Well – not when the Bride-to-be is heavily prone to sea-sickness & spent the whole time with her head in her hands (or in the toilet).

If you organise the weekend with the stag or hen in mind, then this ripples out & everyone enjoys it. (Don’t worry – if someone doesn’t enjoy it, despite the hen or stag having the best time then they don’t deserve to be there!)

#2 Don’t try to be the hero.

Ask for help; lean on your fellow stags or hens to avoid migraines! I am confident that everyone will be buzzing to help if you ask them … & you’ll still be able to soak up all the glory!

#3 Money, money, money.

Always a tricky issue trying to make sure you get enough planned. Try to remember that not everybody can afford to splash out on a trip to Vegas or a 3-course meal at the Ritz. Make sure you consider everybody’s financial situation and choose an activity that they can afford. The more people the more fun!

#4 Be Considerate

Remember that all the members of your group may not be as young and athletic as you are so a sky dive, or some Go Karting may not be the best option. You want to keep the gang together so be sure to pick an activity for everyone.

#5 Don’t Leave It To The Last Minute!!!

Avoid the stress and make sure you’ve got everything sorted and booked. This way you avoid losing out on your dream “Do”. Give yourself that piece of mind that and ensure everything is taken care of WAY before the date.

Why not pick our brains if you’re concerned about any of the above? We’re always on hand for advice to give you the best weekend on the market!

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